The Supercomputing Challenge is a fun, rewarding way for you and your friends to learn more about how computers and computational models can help in many different scientific fields, even in fields that you don’t immediately think of when you hear “Computers”. For this Challenge, you and your team pick a project that you are passionate about, a problem that nobody else has solved completely, and attempt to solve it using computational models. It doesn’t matter if you’re in elementary, middle, or high school. You can still participate in the Challenge to the same extent.

The Challenge can be very difficult, but you will gain computational skills, research skills, teamwork skills, and time management skills that will help you throughout your life. It’s great for resumes and it’s great just as a learning experience as well. There are many events to go to, and if you pick a project that you care about, you will have the motivation to make it through to the finish, where you have a very high chance of winning awards and prizes.

The deadline to register for the Challenge is September 20th, so sign up fast!

Step 1: Register for the Supercomputing Challenge! done!

Step 2: Submit a proposal done!

Step 3: Attend the Kickoff Conference done!

Step 4: Submit an interim report in progress…

Step 5: Project Evaluations

Step 6: Submit your final report

Step 7: Prepare your project poster

Step 8: Attend the Expo and Award Ceremony!


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